Why Antivirus is Essential?

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You’ll Learn
  • Why antivirus is essential?
  • Whether antivirus software provides complete protection against\xa0malware?
  • Antivirus or Antimalware
  • which do\xa0I\xa0need?
  • How antivirus works to detect viruses?
  • What actions does antivirus commonly take when it detects malware on a computer\xa0system?


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic understanding of cybersecurity principles and genuine interest in the\xa0subject\xa0matter


1. What are the benefits of antivirus?

2. Antivirus protects our data. Comment.

3. Antivirus programs often offer real-time scanning. What is the meaning of real time scanning?

4. What is meant by email scanning?

5. What is the purpose of firewall?

6. What activities are done by system performance optimization tools?

7. What is the meaning of zero-day exploits?

8. What is meant by Advanced Persistent Threats?

9. How antivirus provides us peace of mind?

10. Whether antivirus provides complete protection against viruses and other types of malware? Comment.

11. What is meant by antivirus?

12. What is the meaning of anti-malware?

13. Antivirus software should have some necessary features. What are those?

14. Antivirus software employs various techniques and technologies to detect viruses. Name few of them.

15. What do you know about signature based detection?

16. What is meant by behaviour monitoring?

17. What is sandbox analysis?

18. What is cloud analysis?

19. What is the benefit of machine learning and artificial intelligence for antivirus software?

20. What are some common action which are taken by antivirus

software on detecting malware?

21. Antivirus may quarantine the infected file. What it means?

22. Whether all antivirus software offer the facility of repair of corrupted file?

23. When malware is detected, the antivirus generally provides an alert to the user. In which form, the alert is provided by antivirus software?

24. Whether antivirus always sends alert to the user on detecting the malware?

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