Understanding Udemy Business Pro

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Understanding Udemy Business Pro

Udemy Business Pro is an add-on to the standard Udemy Business enterprise license, offering a more tailored and in-depth learning experience. Designed to accelerate skill-building in information technology, development, and data & analytics, Udemy Business Pro offers unique features such as Udemy paths, assessments, workspaces, and labs. This comprehensive guide delves into the components that make Udemy Business Pro a powerful tool for technical professionals.

What is Udemy Business Pro?

Available exclusively as an add-on to Udemy Business enterprise licenses, Udemy Business Pro aims to deepen the learning experience and facilitate accelerated skill-building. Unlike the general Udemy Business offerings, this add-on focuses on key roles in information technology, software development, and data & analytics. It offers a range of specialized features, such as:

Udemy Paths

  • What it is: Pre-built learning paths that combine top courses, hands-on practice, and assessments.
  • Benefit: Provides a structured way for learners to achieve specific learning objectives.


  • What it is: Tests that evaluate the skills of learners, assessing their readiness for projects, new teams, or certifications.
  • Benefit: Based on assessment scores, learners are guided to specific course recommendations to deepen their knowledge.


  • What it is: Risk-free virtual technical environments where learners can practice their skills.
  • Benefit: Allows learners to experiment and practice without any risk to real-world systems.


  • What it is: Platforms for hands-on, real-world practice in technical skills.
  • Benefit: Helps learners apply what they’ve learned in a practical setting, thereby solidifying their understanding.

How to Assign and Remove Udemy Business Pro Licenses

For Udemy Business administrators, the management of Udemy Business Pro licenses is a crucial task. Here’s a brief guide on how to assign and remove these add-on licenses:

  1. Log into Your Admin Dashboard: Access the administrative section of your Udemy Business account.
  2. Navigate to the Pro Licenses Section: Look for the Udemy Business Pro section, where you can manage licenses.
  3. Assign Licenses: Select the users you want to assign Udemy Business Pro licenses to and follow the prompts.
  4. Remove Licenses: Similarly, if you need to revoke access for any user, you can do so from the same section.

Who Should Use Udemy Business Pro?

  • IT Professionals: Those in roles such as software development, network administration, and cybersecurity can benefit from the specialized paths and labs.
  • Data Analysts & Scientists: The assessments and workspaces are incredibly useful for those looking to deepen their understanding of data manipulation, statistical methods, and machine learning.
  • Project Managers in Tech: Gain a deeper understanding of the technologies that your teams are working with, ensuring more effective management and decision-making.


Udemy Business Pro is an invaluable addition for organizations serious about skill development in technical fields. It offers a more structured and hands-on approach to learning, with features designed to assess and improve the skills of technical professionals effectively. Whether it’s through Udemy paths for guided learning or labs for practical application, Udemy Business Pro is tailored to help learners achieve their specific objectives more effectively.

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