IASSC Certified Lean Practitioner

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You’ll Learn
  • The key concepts and principles of Lean methodology
  • How to identify and eliminate waste in processes
  • The importance of teamwork and communication in Lean implementation
  • Techniques for continuous improvement and Kaizen
  • The use of KPIs to measure performance and drive organizational change
  • How to apply Lean tools such as 5S
  • Just-In-Time
  • and Value Stream Mapping
  • Strategies for problem-solving and root cause analysis
  • The PDCA cycle and how to implement a culture of continuous improvement


  • There are no prior requirements.


Welcome to the IASSC Certified Lean Practitioner Practice Test – an essential resource for individuals seeking to become Lean practitioners or professionals.

This practice test is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and principles of Lean methodology, as well as your ability to apply Lean tools and techniques in real-world scenarios. By taking this practice test, you will not only gain valuable experience in answering Lean-related questions, but you will also enhance your understanding of Lean principles and practices.

The practice test covers a wide range of topics, including Introduction to Lean, Gemba, Kaizen, KPIs, Teamwork and Team Skills, MUDA/MURA/MURI, 5S, Kano Model, Just-In-Time, Bottleneck Analysis, Continuous Flow, Takt Time, Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti diagram, Layout Planning, Single-Minute Exchange of Dies, Heijunka, Kanban, Jidoka, Andon, Poka-Yoke, Root Cause Analysis, Risk Analysis, TPM, Six Big Losses, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Standardized Work, Flow Diagram, Sustainment, Visual Management, Short Interval Control/Active Supervision, Hoshin Kanri, Kaizen task-force workshops, DMAIC, SMART Goals, Stakeholder Management, and PDCA.

By practicing with this test, you will gain a deeper understanding of Lean principles and practices, allowing you to apply them effectively in your own workplace. Whether you are new to Lean or have some prior knowledge, this practice test will help you assess your strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the IASSC Certified Lean Practitioner exam.

In addition to testing your knowledge, this practice test also provides detailed explanations for each question, allowing you to understand the reasoning behind the correct answers. This will help you reinforce your understanding of Lean concepts and principles, and enable you to confidently apply them in real-world situations.

Ready to take your Lean skills to the next level? Enroll in the IASSC Certified Lean Practitioner Practice Test today and get ready to ace the exam!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to become Lean practitioners or professionals
  • Employees and managers in organizations looking to improve efficiency and reduce waste
  • Project managers and quality assurance professionals
  • Lean Six Sigma practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge of Lean methodology
  • Anyone interested in acquiring the IASSC Certified Lean Practitioner qualification

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