How to choose the perfect diamond for your engagement ring

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You’ll Learn
  • What it means to buy a diamond today
  • What are all the steps for purchasing the best diamond engagement ring for your partner and how to best face them
  • Which are the important aspects to focus on when buying a diamond engagement ring
  • so not to say “I should have known this before” when it’s already too late
  • The hidden secrets of the diamond engagement ring industry
  • To make decisions based on facts that reflects the real diamond market
  • To feel confident and well educated on the subject


  • There are no requirements for taking this course
  • just the desire of learning and understanding something new


Are you planning to buy a diamond engagement ring and you are worried to dive blindfolded into this new experience, not being equipped with the necessary knowledge?

This is the right course for you!

I designed this course to transmit you professional knowledge and advices on how to choose the perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

You will receive a clear and honest overview of what the diamond world looks like.

You will discover the real truths of the diamond market and you will be provided with real diamond examples and study cases.

The course is divided into 4 different sections, each of them representing fundamental elements to be investigated when talking diamond engagement ring.

The aim of this course is to enclose all the necessary knowledge about diamonds and the basics on jewellery design specific to engagement rings.

At the end of this course you will feel confident to step into this exciting experience of buying your diamond engagement ring!

What this course will not cover?

  • Fancy coloured diamonds, because they are a different world and need a completely different approach

  • History of diamonds

  • Diamond treatments

  • Diamond simulants

All the diamond and jewellery renderings used in this course layout have been designed by the jewellery designer Jin Veronica Lee

Who this course is for:

  • Those individual who are starting the process of researching the perfect diamond for their engagement ring
  • and feel the need of getting a solid base on diamond knowledge
  • to assist them in their choices
  • Anyone curious about the diamond world and looking for a real and professional insight

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