Current Transformer Fundamentals

3 Min Read

You’ll Learn
  • What are CTs and where do we use them
  • Learn about polarity marks and CT ratio
  • Connect CTs in different configuration
  • Explore important characteristics of CT
  • Unlock easy way to model equivalent circuit of CT
  • How CT should be sized for protection and metering
  • Importance of CT grounding
  • Learn how to analyze the behavior of CT
  • Important parameters of CT
  • Explore CT burden
  • winding resistance
  • and Leakage reactance


  • Basic Electrical Engineering


Current transformer is an essential part of every Power System. We all might know the purpose of Current Transformer but we hardly understand how the current is flowing even though we know about polarity marks but it’s still confusing and complex to have all the fundamentals of current transformer on our fingertips. This course combines brief introduction to Current Transformer with its main characteristic and applications. You will emerge with the knowledge in principles, working, applications, sizing of CT that empowers you to have strong grip on the fundamentals of Current Transformer.

I have been creating high quality video tutorials about Power Systems since 2015 and focus specifically on the fundamentals. It is dedicated to the people who make power and energy work and make sure that Power Systems are safe, reliable, operable, protected and well designed. But it takes time and money to continue delivering high quality video tutorials. My goal is incredibly simple. I want to make Power Systems Intuitive, Open, and available to everyone, everywhere. Your purchase will allow me to keep making valuable technical videos and keep the doors of knowledge open to everyone. Thank you for supporting me.

See you on the other side. Thank you and take care.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Electrical Engineering students who have keen interest in Current Transformer. This course is also useful for qualified electricians
  • professional engineers
  • EITs
  • drafters
  • equipment reps
  • suppliers
  • and distributors who want to refresh their knowledge on Current Transformer.

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