Are Udemy courses free without certificate?

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Are Udemy courses free without certificate?

Yes, According to Udemy Support, Free Udemy courses offer limited access to course materials and features compared to paid courses. The key differences include:

  • No certificate of completion – Free courses do not come with a certificate, even if you complete all the lectures and assignments. You need to pay to earn a Udemy certificate.
  • No assignments or projects – Free courses may only include video lectures without graded assignments, quizzes, or projects. Paid courses offer these to solidify learning.
  • No instructor support – Asking questions and interacting with instructors is restricted or not available for free courses. Paid courses offer full instructor support.
  • No exams or final assessments – There are typically no graded final exams to test your understanding for free courses. Paid courses often have extensive final tests.
  • Limited course access – You may only get access to selected parts of the course content and not the full course for free. Paid unlocks everything.

How to Access Udemy Free Courses

Here is a way to access free Udemy courses without a certificate:

  1. Udemy allows you to filter courses by price to find free or paid options. On the Udemy website, go to the category page for the topic you want to learn. For example, Business or Photography.
  2. On the left side you will see a “Filter” section. Click the “Price” filter. Then you can check the boxes for “Free” courses or “Paid” courses. This will show just those types of courses in the category you picked.
  3. You can also enter a price range, like $10-15, to see courses in that price range. This makes it easy to find affordable paid courses or quality free courses on Udemy. Let me know if you need any clarification on how the Udemy filters work!

So in summary, free Udemy courses offer a simplified learning experience focused on lectures only, while paid courses provide assignments, instructor support, assessments, certificates and full access. The tradeoff for not paying is a more limited educational experience.

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